Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rayman Origins. 

So, this is a bit late, but I thought seeing as I recently purchased a bunch of games for my summer to be spent on, I would review them. The first of this bunch, was Rayman Origins. 

So let's get started.
Rayman Origins is the typical collect lums, save electoons and kill horrific yet comical baddies. It's very well put together, the content is there. I've been playing it now for a good 6/7 hours collectively and theres still time trials, more levels, and tricky treasures to collect. 

A particular feature that took my fancy was the 'New characters' which are available at the snoring tree, which for all intensive purposes is the main base where you can view all the collectable character designs you have achieved. So by jumping into one of these bubbles containing a new character design you can play as them in the levels, technically speaking, the characters down have ny noticeable difference other than over all look and animation. Still it's a nice little extra that Ubisoft have included. 

Also the return of mosquito levels is a nice touch, where you ride mosquito through a level and have to avoid obstacles, and usually defeat a boss type at the end by inhaling enemies or explosives and then firing them at the 'weak spot' which is always an obvious presentation on the body. 

Graphically, the game looks great. The style is fun and cartoony, it's pleasant to look at and gives a nice family feel to the game. Animations are smooth, colours are well selected and most importantly it just screams old Rayman, which for this nostalgic fan, whom can remember hooking up their PSOne as a 5 year old and playing til the wee hours of the morning, is a treat. 

Levels are bountiful and a delight. With the exception fo some more tricky levels.. coughGOURMANDLANDcough. Sorry tickley throat. 

Soundtrack? Well personally I find it lovely, each land has a different track to it, and boss fights have an eerie set up too. Very atmospheric. 

Anyways, overall the game plays nicely, it has co-op and is enjoyable to look at. I high recommend it. 

Rating : 9/10

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